Thursday, June 12, 2014


I'm back in Perth, Australia!

So its been 2 days since I've arrived home from the beautiful Hong Kong. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to blog during the last few days. I have a legitimate reason. I was very busy with work and they were taking us out afterwards for dinner and drinks! By the time I got home, it was probably about 12am. And my last reason is that on the last night, the internet gets cut off.


My friend Wendy and I were pretty much struggling (not really... we did for the first 20 mins).

Because I missed out on so many days I'm going to sum it up below

Day 6:
- Last day of the workshops.
- Mainly took lots of photos and videos.
- Worked with people with different forms of dissabilities. Some were in wheelchairs, blind, autistic, etc..
- Spent lots of time with my new friend Bruce.
- Lots of questions and answers.
- Saw what living in Hong Kong looked like.
- Didn't get home till 2:30am

Day 7:
- Decided to wear my new shoes.
- Picked up more face masks.
- Received new fresh blisters from my new shoes.
- It was too fucking hot.
- Stood in line for a good 30mins in the sun to get some cookies (Jenny Bakery Cookies). Was it worth it? not sure... the cookies are yummy though.
- Spent 5 mins contemplating whether I should walk home with two heavy bags of cookies, my two carry bags falling all over the place, and cut up bloody blistered feet; or to take a taxi back (even though the hostel was literally around the corner)
- Decided to stick it out, endure the pain, and walk home.
- Had Dim Sim lunch
- Had dinner at Themis's house with a whole bunch of great people.

- Woke up early and caught up with Kristen... it's been so long since I've seen her.
- Walked around the shops with her.
- Went home and started packing.
- Found out the cleaner had threw away some of my toiletries... bastard. At least they weren't as important.
- Caught the bus to the airport with Wendy.
- Made a new friend on the plane.
- After a long plane ride and a sleepless night, I made it home!

Being back home has been good. I do miss my family, boyfriend, and friends... though I've got to admit, I had a blast in Hong Kong.

I have the travel bug!

Just feel like getting up and going again! When I got back, I went straight to work. I had the day to rest and chill out. Of course go see Matt, and then had to work straight away that night. The next day, I didn't wake up till 11am... I was that tired!

I'm working with Daisy again which is good. I do miss her lots :) Also, I got offered another contract from Buzz to perform the Plain Jane duet for the Awesome Festival! How exciting. It's going to be full on because once that performance finishes, I perform with Daisy in the Blueroom.

I must stay calm and focus. I need to switch in and out just like that.

I'll be okay.

Spent too much since I've came back. Of course after I've done a big shopping in Hong Kong, I come back and there is a crazy mid season sale going on.



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