Friday, June 6, 2014


I think last time I said I had a big day...

Today I had a big day.

Normally the day for me would just consist of me doing the workshop and taking photos and helping out, and I would be fully investigated in everything... Today, I felt like I was completely out. Not in the scope of things. Not investing myself in the workshop. Although that was the case, I ended up investing myself else where - in my head.

Because I wasn't invested in the workshop today, I don't feel the need to explain the day and everything that happened in between. I only need to explain what happened in my head. Though if you need it, is below.

10 descriptions of what I did:
1. I woke up early as per usual and walked over to YMCA to pick up Philip and we took the train together to find our way to the studio. It was a really hot morning. I had a custard bun.

2. Did Lee's workshop which was a lot more relaxing that other days. We all did solos and showed each other.

3. Did Philip's workshop and spent most of it filming and taking photos (this was the time a lot of things happened in my head.)

4. Day was finished and was invited to go watch the performing arts students perform their rep.

5. Had an awesome reading from Bruce.

6. Ate dinner at a local shop and continued my awesome reading from Bruce.

7.  Watch the performance.

8. Went to look at the government building and saw a protest.

9. Went home and bought a shit load of face masks from Etude house (a korean brand) and also made the decision to starve myself for the next few days so then I can buy more things here in Hong Kong.

10. Had an epic conversation with my parents about my readings with Bruce in relation to our life.

Great, now that is over with I can get into the good stuff.

So like I said, wasn't really in it today. I started having lots of observations within myself and started asking myself these questions that actually made me feel kind of upset. I started having these observations during the second half of the workshop (Philip's workshop). I started realising all I did during these workshops were half participate, half observe, half assist, and half take videos and photos. I felt like there wasn't really any reason for me to be there, or there was any reason for me to come to Hong Kong. Looking at it, I wasn't really doing anything. That made me feel sad and upset and a bit frustrated with everything. But then I also learnt so much over the past few days, met some amazing and inspiring people, and have been having so much fun! It made me really confused with everything because I felt like I was loosing and also gaining at the same time...


I am happy though and I don't regret coming here and doing the workshop at all. Its nothing bad or something that I need to confront. It was simply an observation.

It makes me happy that I can observe, acknowledge, and move on.

One of the most amazing guys I met during this trip is probably Bruce.

He is a psychic.

There is another name for it.. a medium? I can't remember, but he has studied and practice this psychic thing. When he first was telling me his story I was so amazed and interested. I've never met someone who can see things in person. When he actually read me, that was a whole new level of amazingness. What he had told me was so spot on. He told me what my angel said about me and what I should and shouldn't do (to a certain extent. I wouldn't put it in that type of wording but that is the only way I can think of putting it... He did say I have a strong communication but need to work on it - something along those lines haha). What made things more crazy was that I asked him about my grandma, my uncle, my aunts, and my mom, and the things he said about what had happened to my family was exactly what my mom had experienced and also what her fortuneteller had told her.

Unbelievable, I know. But believe it.

Before this, I didn't believe in psychic stuff... 

Okay, I wouldn't say I didn't believe it, but I was just careful of it when people tell me what fortunetellers or psychics say.  What had happened to me completely changed. I know there is probably some fortunetellers who are fake but I definitely do believe now that there are some that are real.

This wasn't some broad shit like, "oh, something really big is going to happen in your life!" or, "oh you're going through some stuff." It was like fucking dead on the point and into detail. And it wasn't much about talking about your future, it was more about you and healing and your angel. Gah so good.

You know they're real when they've got 98% of everything spot on, in detail as well!

I'm truly amazed and I want to know more, listen more, understand more.

I think today has been just a full on realisation and observation day. I don't think I could fully explain here but shit the experience is something special.

I got a new roommate today, her name is Yuka (I think thats it? I keep forgetting peoples names which are like exotic aka, not english.) She's a 35 year old mom from Japan. She has a 8 year old daughter and she work for Jurlique Japan. She's quitting though for this other job where she gets to design stuff. She's only here for 2 nights so I won't get to see her much.

No photos today. My computer is completely full so I can't upload anything for the next few days :( I'll upload everything when I get back to Perth.

I'll name it "Overload Picture Day" or something haha.


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