Thursday, June 5, 2014


What a day today. All I did was the workshop but oh man oh man I was overwhelmed.

Today I woke up at 8am and went straight to the train station. I just had a small yoghurt to eat on the go. It was so small it didn't even satisfy me but after all that shopping last night, I really got to spend wisely, aka spend nothing at all.

Made my way to the studio and this time I didn't loose my way. It only took me a few minutes to get to the studio rather than 45 mins.

Today's workshop was really good. There were lots of discoveries and discussions about things it was a bit overwhelming. In Lee's workshop, we had a huge discussion about creating an experience with the audience and also embodying the feeling rather than acting out the feeling. It was really great discussion and it made me think a lot. Possibly too much...

Philip's workshop was lots of fun as well but I think it got a bit touchy. We had to do an exercise were you talk to your childhood self in front of the mirror. When he said that task, I just couldn't do it. Not today at least. I ended up filming on the side. I think it reminded me too much of Status Room and the experience of that and considering we are still working on that project, I just couldn't separate myself from that. After that exercise everyone responded to each other what they experienced. It made us cry.

For the rest of Philip's workshop, I just filmed, took photos, and wrote in my travel journal.

Afterwards the team, a couple of participants, and I headed down to a local restaurant. I had this noodle thing which was not yummy. It was way to salty and just freaking unhealthy. It felt and tasted unhealthy. One of the girls had this French Toast, but it wasn't just any ordinary french toast! I think it was deep fried and had peanut butter in the middle. To add on it was smothered in butter and honey. Just a big plate of delicious fats.

I headed home afterwards, had a shower, talk to family (hey mom and dad) and started blogging.

I'm so tired today. And theres still so many things I have to do! Lots of homework from the workshops today.

Anyway the next two days will be quite boring I assume...

I have a new roommate today. Her name is Jean and she's Korean but she's from New Zealand. She's a music teacher and she looks like she's 20 but she's actually much older! She's only here fore 4 days 3 nights - short stay again.

Philip's Workshop

French Toast!

Pineapple Bun


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