Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Today was a huge day.

I didn't get to sleep till 2 last night (and the same will happen tonight as well) and had to wake up at 7 this morning. I was so knackered. I had this bun thing that is very popular in Hong Kong. They're called pineapple bun with butter. So basically they're these buns with a block of butter in the middle of the bread and it has like this crunchy yummy thing on top of the bun which is also butter. It's also supposed to have like a enhanced taste but to be honest it just tasted like bread with a block of butter. Healthy breakfast much? I had to had something on the go... Anyway, I caught the MTR to Fortress Hill and according to my map it said it takes 7 mins to walk to Studiodanz.

It took me almost an hour.

I was freaking out because that side of town didn't have any road signs or maps on the corner of the road saying "you are here" so most of my morning consisted of wandering around trying to find a road name and just trying to use my sense of direction to figure my way around. I almost had a breaking point because there was only 5 mins till 9 and I haven't reached my destination. I just wanted to catch a taxi. Eventually I decided that this was bull shit and that I should find any western shops so I could ask for directions. Luckily I found Starbucks (and once again I walked out without a coffee in my hand - pathetic) and the girl at the counter helped me out heaps. She drew a picture and said which buildings to look out for.

I wasn't that far away from the studio.

When I reached there, I was like thinking "what the fuck" because the area was a dead end and the building was like for trucks to off load things. At this point I just wanted to give up and go back to the hostel. After wandering around in circles for about 3 mins and asking 2 people where this is, I finally found it (it was in the building) and raced up. When I got up there (about 9:05am), no body was there! I was so confused. I asked the ladies at the desk what time the workshop started... it started at 10.

kill myself.

At least I wasn't late! Though I was extremely tired.

The studio is called Studiodanz and it's a really pretty studio space. I've never seen so much art and beautiful dance space in such a long time. So fancy. I did Lee's workshop in the morning and afterwards semi-assisted and did Philip's workshop. It was fun and I got to meet lots of Hong Kong artists which was fantastic! Not going to lie I'm super sore now and I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do tomorrow.

I got to meet some really interesting people and got to listen to their lives. I really enjoy that, listening about peoples lives and their adventures. I think thats why I kind of suck at researching people up because I realized today, I don't like knowing who they are before I meet them. It's much more interesting when you find out that persons biography when you speak to them. Also if I know who they are, it'll make me nervous and I won't be able to talk to them at all. I think its a bad thing to have this especially in the dance industry, but there is something so raw and real about listening about one human beings life story. And they're right in front of you.

Afterwards, I headed back home and met up with my roomies. We all went up to Prince Edward station and ate at One Dim Sim. Holly shit it was amazing!!! The dim sim was incredible and we just loved everything we ordered. Something new that I had that I just loved was custard buns. They were terrific! I hope they sell good ones in Perth... probably expensive though.

Shopping came next! We walked down the street towards Mong Kok where the street markets were as well as local roadside stores and holy shit I went mental. I legit spent half my money on shopping. So worth it though! In total I got:

2 sweaters
1 dress
1 cardigan (finally got one)
2 notebooks (for shu)
3 little handmade cards
1 pair of shoes
1 hand bag

In total, the cost was $132 australian dollars! Such a win! The most expensive things were the shoes and the handbag, they cost around $82 australian dollars, and this was after discount because I was such a cool gal (I got a special discount! The store lady called up her boss just for me!) I was stressing out before because I was thinking it was exactly the same price as in Australia but I justified myself by saying it is one of a kind, it is good quality, and when I finally found the shoes and bag I should get it. I've been looking for these type of shoes and handbag for so long and especially something that is good quality so I'm quite happy with my purchase.

No more shopping for me though, except for presents... broke life.

After lots of shopping, we headed back home and had liquid nitrogen ice cream! amazing stuff! the flavours we had were HK crispy toast, bakedwell tart, and mango and pineapple greek yoghurt.

Awesome way to end the day :)


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