Sunday, May 25, 2014


So no photo post today BUT a whole bunch of exciting adventures and an ending to a beautiful story.

Yesterday, Daisy and I had our first showing for our first development "Status Room". Let me just say, I had such an amazing time working with Daisy - the things we went through together, experienced together, learnt about each other... I couldn't ask for anything more special. It broke my heart a little bit when I realised that it was over. Not completely over, but semi-over until September.

As part of our performances, we collected a whole bunch of feedback from the audience and anti-statuses. Wrapped in brown paper and tied up with warm red yarn.

It was really special.

Something I can't describe.

Each response was so unique and interesting. I wonder what they were thinking when they wrote what they wrote down. Each mind thinks and function in different ways. It was so great to see that on paper. What was really special was when I got my brothers response. I couldn't help but let my eyes fill up with tears. 

It made me so happy.


We have another development happening in September which I'm excited about. More will be invested, our skin and bones and everything that is left of us.

For now, its just casual 2 hour catch ups at the Blue Room Theatre studios every now and then.

I'll post some photos of the envelopes next time... hopefully. And maybe share some of the beautiful poetry we received.

On other news, I'm going to Hong Kong!

The incredible Phillip Channells has invited me as an Associate Artist to accompany him and Sean to Hong Kong for his project Dance Integrated Australia. It is such a privilege to have this opportunity given to me. The experience and the exposure! Also a great kick start for my dance career! 

I was told this week on Thursday which was super last minute but I managed to book flight and accommodation. I'll be staying in the heart of Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, where I'll be resting my little head in this absolutely adorable apartment. It's a dorm set up so we'll see how that goes. Secretly, I hope there isn't anyone going at the same time as me so then I could have the whole place to myself but then again, I really hope theres people staying there because I would love to meet new people! We'll see what happens.

I'm there for 8 days - two days I get off to do whatever I want and the other 6 days I'll be with Phillip. I think there will be talks and workshops. I wasn't given too much details on what is required of me or what I'll be doing there but I'll find out sometime in the following week...

I've set up a Pozible account and has posted this as my first project to help fund my trip over there. If there is anyone reading, have a look. It's also for a good cause :)



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