Sunday, June 1, 2014


I am finally in Hong Kong! After 10 hours of flying and 8 hours of waiting around doing nothing (mainly just playing on my phone and staring blankly into the space) I landed in this beautiful city.

Got to admit I'm extremely tired even though the majority of my day consisted of sitting, eating, and sleeping. Something about flying makes you really tired. Also my flight from KL to Hong Kong got so delayed because they couldn't find 3 luggages that were meant to be on the plane, SO they had to off load all the luggage and reload them back on one by one. I think we were delayed by an hour. 

I was lucky enough to get picked up by my mom's friend Themis and she was so kind to drop me off at the hostel that I was staying at. Let me tell you if she didn't come pick me up, and I just took public transport to where I was staying, I would have been F-U-C-K-E-D, fucked. I would have gotten so lost. And In this heat and humidity! Oh man I would have probably given up and started crying on the side of the road.

The place I'm staying is called Just Hotels and its really adorable. Its quite simple and small but great for if you're here for just a few days. I probably should have book out a normal room rather than the dorm rooms because I just have too much stuff and I can't fit it anywhere. Oh well... Going to have to make do!

I met my roommates, one from Singapore and two from China. I'm struggling to communicate with the China people because their english isn't too good! But its good practice for me and I like to try anyway. Sheryl is the girl from Singapore and yay I can speak to her easily. The other two names are Wade and some chinese name I forgot (yes I'm horrible). I'm going to have to ask her again later... They're all really lovely people :) but they're only here for a few days so I have a feeling I might be all by myself for the rest of my trip? Maybe someone will come up... I kind of hope someone comes up.

 My plan tonight? Sleep, talk to anyone who is awake which is probably no body. Attempt to talk to chinese to my roommates. Make a plan for tomorrow? Need to explore my surroundings and find the MTR station and get all the maps and stuff. Thats a must!!!!

Anyway, no photos for today. I think I might upload all the photos later when the whole trip is done. Or maybe I'll just upload the video that I'll be sending everyone here at the end.



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