Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Hello! I haven't been posting very much recently. I have undertaken my residency with my friend Daisy this month so I have been busy dancing. Never the less, I have decided to take a little break from it all to have my own personal time to post a little update. I'll share more about it in another post...

I spent this weekend celebrating mothers day! You guys might have not known but my mom had just undergone surgery on her eye because she had a retina detachment. What that means in short easy to understand form is that she pretty much lost sight in one eye = she went blind. Luckily, due to the amazing hospitals here in Australia and the high skilled doctors here, mom was able to get it repaired and she is still on her way from recovering.

The first few days she couldn't move at all - lots of lying around in bed and staying still but now, she's able to move and do things and she can even see through her eye, yay!

As a family, we bought mom a beautiful pink bathrobe, pink house slippers to match, and a lovely lilly iphone case (on of Van Gogh's paintings.)

We went down to our cousins house for a big mother's day celebration where all the mothers were there and had a big BBQ. YUM!

Oh yeah, we also celebrated Vadar's birthday, our cousins dog.

Unfortunately I didn't take lots of photos, or any good photos. I was too caught up in the moment! But I guess thats a good thing, if you spend too much time trying to take a good photos, you end up missing the experience of the moment.


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