Tuesday, April 22, 2014


On Saturday, I spent the day celebrating my cousins birthday Shu (yes she has the same name as me... it's a Chinese thing) with my brother, Chengy and his girlfriend, Kristine. We had brunch at Fez in Mount Lawley and oh my goodness it was deslish! I have a spiralina juice and typical Australian breakfast :). Afterwards we walked around town and looked around at shops - just saying there was some ridiculous mid season sales going on. I actually found Cheap Monday Second Skin Jeans (which are my favourite jeans because they legitimately fit in all the right places) for only $40! Due to my ridiculously stunted height,  the jeans only came in a 36 in length... Devastated.

After a walk around and giving some serious attention to a strangers dog on the street, we headed home.

Afterwards we headed up to Innaloo to watch "The Other Women" which was hilarious! I would definitely classify it as one of those classic chick flick movies you always go back to, like "The Hot Chick" or "She's The Man".


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